Roses are romantic

I planted two Zephirine-Drouhin roses over here by the deck at the end of October. My parents came to check out how the weeds were doing and very kindly bought me these two plants to balance out the weeds vs. planned equation in the garden. This variety is thornless and should grow very well over here and eventually I’ll train it to grow up over the top of the deck. The man at the nursery only wanted to sell me one plant since he said they can grow “15 by 15 in one year.” He also said they didn’t flower very well. Maybe he didn’t even want to sell me one plant. I had researched this variety so I insisted. We’ll see what happens…


One Response to “Roses are romantic”

  1. Updated garden plan « Mostly Weeds Says:

    […] up with the original design are the addition of roses to the back edge near the deck. I planted Zephirine Drouhin roses in October and have since added garlic since they get along so well. We had a Communist Cuba dinner party with […]

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