The wonders of cardboard

The cardboard was used to stop the spread of the Bermuda grass and protect the ground from more weeds than I could handle. Cultivating weeds is an art and you don’t want to have more than you can take care of or they might get neglected and die. So down went all the cardboard (it helped that we moved in and unpacked all our moving boxes) we had over the most Bermuda grass-infested areas.

Here are a few pics of the garden with some of the plants I’ve mentioned as well as the cardboard. A repairman looked at the garden the other day and not knowing it was mine asked, “What are _they_ doing over there?” in a very scornful voice. Well, just trying to make way for new weeds!

You can see how much the cool weather crops (lettuce, cabbage, broc, cauli, collards) have grown since the veggie post.

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