To catch a butterfly

I went out to the Wildflower Center last October and noticed some wonderful shrubby boneset plants that were covered in flutterers. After a bit of research I realized it was the same thing that Jeremy of Bio-Gardener had recommended as a good plant for the still-unplanted butterfly corner. I found a few places that sold seeds and wondered if local nurseries carried the plants and then forgot about it altogether since is was getting to be fall and there was leaf raking to do.

We were raking and bagging leaves in the front yard when I noticed this bush by the front door…

I think it is a shrubby boneset and plan to transplant it to the potager section in February. It is in a pretty shady spot by the front except when the pecan trees drop their leaves. It started blooming and growing when it got some light so I think it will be happier in a sunny location in the back. I’m pretty psyched because it will help fill out an empty corner (I plan to put mistflower in the same area) and make the garden look more mature. This butterfly was nearby so that is a good sign.

I’d been told that much of gardening was digging things up and moving them around. I’m beginning to understand!

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2 Responses to “To catch a butterfly”

  1. Alice Joyce Says:

    Beautiful images for another dreary rainy day in Northern California.
    Rain is a good thing, but can’t get out into the garden ;-(
    ps love …’mostly weeds’

  2. muhammad khabbab Says:

    Hi, just found your blog through blotanical and found it very attractive. the butterfly is looking impressive in this post. Keep posting.

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