Serious Snow*

Snowfall, let alone any accumulation, is a very rare sight indeed in Austin. The poor pup isn’t quite sure what to make of it.

The cabbage is snug under a peaceful white blanket.

I really can’t believe how much snow we had. I was at work during the snowfall so I didn’t get to see the garden in person. My nice boyfriend took these pictures after being sent home from the office at 10AM due to the weather! C’mon Austinites, it’s not that much snow!

* this snowfall happened on Tuesday, February 23. I’m not really into a posting groove yet so I’m a little delayed.


3 Responses to “Serious Snow*”

  1. Iris/Society Garlic, Austin Says:

    Great photos! Pup looks appropriately perplexed. Hope your cabbage survived well–bet it did.

  2. Katina Says:

    Hey! it was great meeting you yesterday.

    Your boyfriend is lucky–he got let out at 10 am. I had to wait until 3 pm to get let out…which of course was when it really stopped snowing. but I agree…that snow was nothing compared to some of the stuff I had growing up (jumping off of the roof of the house into snow drifts…ah, those were the days). But, this is ATX, which means there shouldn’t really be any snow.

  3. Bob Pool Says:

    I enjoyed meeting you and talking with you on Saturday. Your blog is nice and I will follow it now that I’ve finally found it. Hope to see you at the next gathering. Bob

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