Mostly Mulch

Have you ever seen seven cubic yards of mulch? I hadn’t either and so I thought this would be a good amount to order and have delivered. It sat in the driveway for over a month. It wasn’t that we weren’t working on moving it; it is just that much mulch. The poor boyfriend threw out his back shoveling it and only later did we learn the difference between a long-handled transfer shovel and the short garden digging shovel we were using. The beds and paths are finally defined and the stock-tank is filled with water awaiting plants. Overall, the garden is quite peaceful and a HUGE improvement over the cardboard and weeds. That beautiful sculpture in the middle of pond was a Christmas present and it spins and bounces in even a gentle breeze.

10 Responses to “Mostly Mulch”

  1. Iris/Society Garlic, Austin Says:

    It looks beautiful!! Congratulations on all that hard work. I DO know how much work it is from when we ordered five cubic yards at one time. (Before that, we had a couple cubic yards delivered, half of which ended up in the street, so we spent a whole Saturday shoveling it from the street into our side yard.)

  2. Katina Says:

    wow…7 cubic yards of mulch. That’s alotta mulch.

    I’m gonna plant my garden today so I’ll let you know about more tomatoes. I tend to get over extended on toms without thinking about it and then have to put all my other plants in old cat litter buckets.

    I won’t be able to make it to the design thingy tomorrow 😦 but I’ll for sure see you at the one the following month (assuming that you also decide to go to that one).

  3. Linda Lehmusvirta Says:

    Wow, this is beautiful! CTG must come tape sometime. Yep, I know how daunting it is to face 7 yards of mulch. Ouch. But you have done a spectacular job.

  4. Amanda Says:

    Ellie, everything looks so awesome! Your work is inspiring. If you ever have a minute I’d love to stop by and see the real life version. Take care, Amanda

  5. Pam/Digging Says:

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see it all planted out.

  6. Amanda Says:

    You have my e-mail, right? Drop me a line and we’ll coordinate a “stop-by.” I’m free with L. anytime after 4, and he usually eats at 6:30 more or less. We can come over before or after dinner, if you are still interested. Also, I’d love to know who you used to test your soil, maybe I’ll post about it 😉

  7. Bob Pool Says:

    When you get ready for fish and water plants just let me know. I have about eleven kinds of water plants. You can have some of what ever you want. Katina has my phone number and knows where I live so she can tell you. The water plants should be coming up in the next couple weeks.

  8. Jeremy Says:

    Hey Ellie, taking one for the team is the mark of a hero, you owe your boyfriend big time. The weather this spring has been perfect for veggies, hope you saved some energy to plant some edibles!

  9. Tabletop Fountains Says:

    I have never used more than one yard and that seemed like a ton in my driveway.. Can’t even imagine what seven looked like. It must have been never ending!! I have stored mulch year to year in a garbage can and it held its moisture fine if you ever have any extra.

  10. Lancashire rose Says:

    I just found the posting on the water feature. Looks really nice as the center piece of the pathways. Can’t wait to see it all planted up. I’m sure it will be spectacular.

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