Femme fatale

It turns out that the tree I thought was a Mexican plum is actually a peach tree! I can’t wait for cobbler, fruit fresh from the tree, and maybe even preserves. I spread some mulch around the base of the tree and it is really loving all the rain. Check out these babies! Mmmmmm.

So you can imagine my horror when I came across the leaves below. What on earth was causing this harm to my beloved peach tree?

I went in for a closer look and saw these blooming beauties that had sprung to life after the recent rains.

They were rubbing against the leaves like some underage girls trying to sweet talk the bouncers on Sixth Street. Beware of the thorns of the femme fatale!

4 Responses to “Femme fatale”

  1. Iris/Society Garlic, Austin Says:

    Peach tree surprise–how cool! Glad the leaf damager turned out to be something you can easily control and a good excuse to have cut roses inside, too.

  2. Katina Says:

    I hope your peaches turn into peaches. And I hope you have a bumper crop. That way you can share. wink wink.

  3. Linda Lehmusvirta Says:

    When we bought our house, I took lots of pictures of a tree in back. No clue what it was. A pear! Surprises are too wonderful. And youch on thorns on leaves.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    This is my first visit and I was surprised to see gorgeous roses and perfect fruit on a site called Mostly Weeds…I think your yard is mostly beautiful!

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