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Good times are here!

May 25, 2010

My long absence is due to lots of work and too little rain. When I wasn’t working,  I was holding a hose or moving a hose or trying to put two broken hoses together to make one sorta OK hose. It took a lot of time and it really wasn’t that fun so I certainly didn’t want to blog about it. However, one of the benefits of rising before the sun to water your garden or to go to work or walk the dog before you do either of the other things is that you get to see a lot of moths. I even saw what I later found out was a hummingbird moth or something like that. It was very cool and a little scary. I will research it soon. Anyway, the school year is winding down and projects are coming to a close which means a little more time to post some photographs from the last few weeks. Enjoy. Lots more to come soon because I am in the midst of installing an above-ground drip irrigation system (so relieved to not have to hold the hose anymore!) and because there is so much growing!

These strawberries have been delicious!

My newish Improved Meyer lemon tree conveniently positioned near the door. The blossoms smell divine!

Fresh peaches for cobbler!

We have lovely avian visitors to the pond every evening. Actually, most of them are horrible grackles or dumb doves and they have been ruining my plants and driving the dog insane.

This is what gardening is all about. Check out the growth since last September. I just looked at the photos and can’t believe the difference and I live here!