I think it might be time to come to grips with the fact that I don’t really have a garden so much as an insect amusement park. I’m way past the point of classifying them as “good bugs” vs “bad bugs” and have come to accept them as customers at each of my attractions.

We’ve got swallowtail caterpillars enjoying Feast o’ Fennel

There are multiple generations of what I think are leaf-foot beetles enjoying the heyday of the Towering Tomatoes with an occasional few dozen also visiting the Bucket of Death (not pictured due to gruesome nature). These guys might be the most intelligent insects I have ever encountered what with their attacking dives at my head and adept avoidance of the Glove of Doom.


One Response to “Bug-o-rama”

  1. Linda Lehmusvirta Says:

    I love “amusement park for insects!” But that’s exactly what we want to do: provide that amusement park. Sure, we get some destruction along with the wonderful benefits, but I’ll take the long-term benefits any time!

    Love your Bucket of Death. Thank you for not sharing it, though! Yep, they are too smart & avoid the Glove of Doom. I’ve tried Trisha’s trick with the Dustbuster of Doom. They figured it out.

    Fun post, thanks!

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