Sunny days are here again!

Thankfully, blossom end rot seems to be a thing of the past. I’m actually not even sure that these are from the same plant as the sickly specimen I posted earlier (someday soon I’ll take pictures of the wilderness area that is the tomato patch) but they are beautiful and super tasty so that is all that really matters.

I think I might have to change the title to Mostly Bugs as I have encountered more than I care to and often stumble upon these little vignettes that poignantly illustrate the circle of life.

And then there are the mystery creatures like this prehistoric looking caterpillar found living on the lemon tree.

6 Responses to “Sunny days are here again!”

  1. Bob Pool Says:

    That catapiller is commonly called a bird poop caterpiller. No, really, it is.

    I think Philip at ESP just wrote about it a post or so back. He had the bio name and all the scoop.

  2. ESP Says:

    They are cute for poop are they not? Great to have found your blog Ellie. I will work my way back through it.

  3. Katina Says:

    It’s some type of swallowtail caterpillar. I looked it up on bug guide the other day because Annie~Kathy asked what type it was. I wrote a comment back to her, but then it never posted. But yes, some type of swallowtail.

    Ah yes, ESP does have a post up currently about that caterpillar.

  4. Linda Lehmusvirta Says:

    Yes, indeed, swallowtail larva! Congratulations! In their early stage, they defend themselves by looking like bird poop.

  5. tabletop fountains Says:

    Looks gross! haha Like the inside of a tissue haha

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