Mostly Caterpillars




6 Responses to “Mostly Caterpillars”

  1. Katina Says:

    Oh wow – you still have monarch larva – that’s so cool.

  2. Charlie Says:

    Amazing caterpillar photos, and yes, I really like the Monarch photo.

  3. addictionroadMonica Says:

    Just watched an episode of CTG and LOVE the Hyde Park Poppies!!! Where can I find a pkg

    • Ellie Says:

      Hi, I don’t have any more poppy seeds. Sorry! Hopefully, we’ll be able to to start collecting more seeds around the neighborhood and make them available.

  4. elizabeth aka yardvaark Says:

    It looks like you have your drip system connected to your rain barrels. I’ve had trouble getting enough pressure from my rain barrels for a soaker hose…. I’m guessing your special valves and drippers are the trick. any tips?

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