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June 7, 2010

I think it might be time to come to grips with the fact that I don’t really have a garden so much as an insect amusement park. I’m way past the point of classifying them as “good bugs” vs “bad bugs” and have come to accept them as customers at each of my attractions.

We’ve got swallowtail caterpillars enjoying Feast o’ Fennel

There are multiple generations of what I think are leaf-foot beetles enjoying the heyday of the Towering Tomatoes with an occasional few dozen also visiting the Bucket of Death (not pictured due to gruesome nature). These guys might be the most intelligent insects I have ever encountered what with their attacking dives at my head and adept avoidance of the Glove of Doom.


Chloe to the rescue!

January 9, 2010

I somehow convinced my friend Chloe (who is a master gardener and urban farmer up in Massachusetts) that August was the perfect month for planting a new garden in Austin. She came down for ten days to help get things rolling. We quickly realized that it was waaay too hot for any real hands-on gardening and spent the time reading, planning and having lots of fun. This was of course during the hottest summer on record and the temperature soared above 100 degrees every day that Chloe was here. I don’t think this trip made her want to move here.

Chloe is also an architect so we got a scale ruler and she went to town on the garden plan. We were inspired by the French potager-style gardens that combine vegetables, flowers and herbs in pleasantly arranged beds. She left me with this wonderful garden plan and lots of ideas about what to plant when and where. Now that I am looking at this plan carefully I can see that it has already changed slightly. I’ll try to mark up one of the copies of the plans with current plantings or ideas so you can see the evolution so far.

In the beginning…

January 9, 2010