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Is it fall already?

October 7, 2010

It turns out that I really am the world’s worst blogger. I have many excuses and some pics so please forgive me. I got engaged at the end of June and Bridezilla channeled all my energy and computer time into planning the most special day of my life. But life in the garden went on as usual. Proof is below.

This pic is from July 9 and shows tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant. They were all delicious.


Photo taken on July 24


I bought 4 goldfish when I put the plants in the stock tank┬ápond. I think I have about 4 million now. You can see one of the spawn in this photo. There is some strange genetic mixing experiment going on in there and now I have some striped fish and black fish and fish with different colored tails. I’m about to open a carnival game out back with fish as prizes. Come try your luck!



Photo taken on July 24


Here is a little glimpse of the lushness of mid-July. Pepper and tomato plants are in the background.



Photo taken on July 24


I can’t remember if I posted about starting peppers from seeds I picked up at the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University. Anyway, these peppers are NuMex 6-4 (or something like that) and they are major producers! I had my own little Hatch chile roasting fest one weekend morning.The freezer is full of roasted chiles, pastes, and salsas.



Photo taken on August 6


I went on the Wimberley Garden Tour with a friend who lives out there and we grabbed lunch at the Thyme and Dough Cafe on 290. There is a garden shop attached and the owner’s five year old son is a budding gardener. For a whopping 50 cents I bought a tiny little cantaloupe plant he had started from seed and planted it in the garden. I think we got a total of 6 beautiful cantaloupe from it in August and a few more are ripening on the vine as I write. The fall rains revived the plant and it flowered once again. They are so good!



Photo taken on October 5


I think this might be the last of the summer harvest. I went out to the garden the other night to grab a few okra pods before they got too big and stringy and found lots of peppers and a gorgeous eggplant. Neglect does a garden good!


Tomato troubles

June 11, 2010

I picked the first large ripe tomato and this is what it looked like on the bottom.

What is causing this? Freak occurrence or something that will happen again?


June 7, 2010

I think it might be time to come to grips with the fact that I don’t really have a garden so much as an insect amusement park. I’m way past the point of classifying them as “good bugs” vs “bad bugs” and have come to accept them as customers at each of my attractions.

We’ve got swallowtail caterpillars enjoying Feast o’ Fennel

There are multiple generations of what I think are leaf-foot beetles enjoying the heyday of the Towering Tomatoes with an occasional few dozen also visiting the Bucket of Death (not pictured due to gruesome nature). These guys might be the most intelligent insects I have ever encountered what with their attacking dives at my head and adept avoidance of the Glove of Doom.

Delicious harvest!

January 27, 2010

Here is the first harvested broccoli (4 plants went in and 3 have survived) and the second round of collards (six plants) from the October planting. I wish I could remember the variety of broccoli. Gypsy? I think that is right. And wonderful Georgia Southern collards. We’ve eaten a mess of ’em and have a few blanched batches in the freezer. Yum!